Sri Lanka


Highlights 2011

  • In early 2011, the Government, the UN and NGO partners launched a Joint Plan of Assistance (JPA) for the Northern Province. JPA supports the national programme designed to rebuild war-affected areas. It provided a framework for meeting immediate humanitarian needs and linking interventions to recovery. These strategies will bridge with the UN Development Assistance Framework 2013-2018 to meet outlines for long-term programming.
  • In the first half of the year, OCHA, the Government and partners responded to two successive floods that each affected more than 1 million people in the east, north and north-central provinces. Many affected people had just returned to their homes following the end of the war. A Flash Appeal raised 57 per cent of the $46 million requested to address the most urgent needs.
  • A UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination-Disaster Response and Preparedness (UNDAC-DRP) mission visited in November. It met Government authorities, the UN, the Red Cross Movement, NGOs and donor representatives. Its recommendations will focus on strengthening preparedness capacity at national and local levels, particularly coordination, logistics, emergency services, health, risk exposure and vulnerability reduction.

An elderly woman carries a child across flood waters in Sri Lanka's eastern village of Verugal. © Amantha Perera/IRIN