Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP)

Asia and the Pacific

Highlights 2012

  • ROAP’s preparedness work as part of the Minimum Preparedness Package (MPP) guided OCHA's corporate approach to preparedness.
  • ROAP engaged Governments across the region in developing the Guide for Disaster Managers to help Governments and humanitarian partners better understand and access humanitarian preparedness and response tools and services. This addressed a clear demand from Member States in the region.
  • ROAP placed a Humanitarian Adviser in the Resident Coordinator's (RC) Office in Bangladesh, and it realigned its office in Kobe to focus on partnership-building with the Government of Japan and other non-governmental Japanese partners. This resulted in enhanced inter-agency response-preparedness efforts in Bangladesh and enhanced engagement with a variety of actors in Japan with a view to maximizing resources and promoting more-inclusive humanitarian action from Japan.

Thea Chaung camp in Rakhine State, Myanmar. © UNOCHA/ Nicole Lawrence