Highlights 2012

  • In 2012, the newly expanded Regional Office for the Caucasus and Central Asia (ROCCA) organized a series of national and regional preparedness initiatives that helped build strong working relationships with key humanitarian partners in the Caucasus and continue the office’s active engagement in Central Asia.
  • OCHA overhauled the Disaster Response Coordination Unit (DRCU) in Kyrgyzstan, including the adoption of the DRCU Charter and DRCU Operational Framework. Under ROCCA’s guidance and with dedicated support from the National Disaster Response Adviser in Kyrgyzstan, the DRCU matured into an inclusive, reliable mechanism that has clear response triggers, provides coordinated aid in small- and medium-scale emergencies, jointly strategizes and works closely with the Government. 
  • ROCCA launched the new website with updated reference and thematic maps, regular reports, humanitarian web stories and photos and stepped up its advocacy through an extensive World Humanitarian Day campaign and quarterly regional funding updates. A number of targeted information management (IM) missions coupled with the first Regional IM workshop paved the way for closer cooperation with governments and humanitarian partners, and allowed for unprecedented, albeit still somewhat limited, information exchange.

A family stands in front of their house damaged by seasonal flash floods and mud-flows caused by melting snow and heavy rains. © OCHA / Zarina Nurmukhambetova