Haiti: Cholera vaccines for 200,000 people

14 Aug 2014
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Funding from the UN Central Emergency Fund (CERF) has enabled aid groups and health workers to vaccinate 200,000 people against cholera.

With support from the OCHA-managed Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), Haiti’s Ministry of Health and the Pan-American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) are set to 

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Containing the spread of cholera
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CERF: Providing a lifeline for people in forgotten crises

17 Jan 2014
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UN Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos allocates $95.5 million to help people caught in 11 underfunded crises.

United Nations Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos has allocated US$95.5 million to sustain emergency aid operations in some of the world’s worst, yet most neglected, humanitarian crises.

Haiti 2014

Total allocations: US$8,873,438

Rapid Response
In May 2014, the Emergency Relief Coordinator approved $2.6 million to support cholera prevention efforts in Haiti.


Haiti 2013

CERF provides US$6 million to Haiti 

The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) allocated some US$100 million for the first underfunded emergencies window in January 2013 to boost humanitarian operations in 12 neglected humanitarian emergencies.


Haiti 2011

CERF allocates $10.3 million in response to a cholera outbreak in Haiti

10 January 2011: In response to the most severe cholera outbreak in the country’s history, CERF has allocated $10.3 million for humanitarian response in Haiti.


Haiti 2012

CERF provides US$4 million for storm-affected people in Haiti

11 December 2012: Hurricane Sandy hit Haiti on 23 October and brought three consecutive days of heavy rain and severe flooding. The storm caused several deaths and damaged homes and public infrastructure. As a result, the Government of Haiti declared a state of emergency on 30 October.

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