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CERF allocations are made to ensure a rapid response to sudden-onset emergencies or to rapidly deteriorating conditions in an existing emergency and to support humanitarian response activities within an underfunded emergency.

* Please note that the table below summarizes approved CERF allocations made through the Rapid Response window and Underfunded Emergencies window in 2014. It does not include new requests and projects currently under review.




Honduras 2014

Total allocations: US$2,600,021 

Rapid Response
In November 2014, the Emergency Relief Coordinator approved $2.6 million from CERF to help humanitarian partners provide clean water, sanitation services and food for thousands of people affected by drought in Honduras.


CERF Quarterly Update October - December 2014

1 Jan 2015
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CERF allocated $186.1 million to support humanitarian operations in 19 countries during the fourth quarter of 2014.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, US$186.1 million from CERF helped aid agencies in 19 countries deliver critical, life-saving assistance for millions of people affected by violent conflict and natural disasters.

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