Yemen 2014

Humanitarian partners estimate that 13.1 million people in Yemen—over half of the population—need some form of humanitarian assistance. Conflict has subsided, but food insecurity and malnutrition are prevalent across the country, and the resumption of normal livelihoods is undermined by extensive damage and loss of assets.

Due to funding shortfalls in the 2013 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), aid agencies have struggled to respond adequately to humanitarian needs. The HRP was one of the largest appeals in 2013, with US$702 million in requirements, but it was only 50 per cent funded.

In January 2014, CERF allocated $14 million from its Underfunded Emergencies window to help humanitarian partners sustain aid operations in Yemen. The country received $18.4 million through CERF in 2013.

Underfunded Emergencies