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Protecting and empowering victims of trafficking in Indonesia (EMPOWER)

Duration: September 2011 – August 2013     Budget: $2,357,798.30
Implementing Agencies: IOM, UNFPA, WHO

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Realizing minimum living standards for disadvantaged communities through peace building and village based economic development

Duration: February 2009 – September 2013     Budget: $2,165,595
Implementing Agencies: UNIDO, ILO


Promoting human security and reducing poverty among indigenous peoples in Papua, Indonesia

                                                                       Duration: September 2005 – December 2008     Budget: $1,581,142
                                                                     Implementing Agency: ILO

                                                                     Project Summary

Reproductive health support in emergency situations in Indonesia

Duration: July 2003 – December 2005     Budget: $1,355,061.82 

Implementing Agency: UNFPA
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Tobelo-Galela area recovery initiative

Duration: March 2002 – July 2005     Budget: $1,429,684.29
Implementing Agency: UNDP
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The development of schools and teaching to improve the ability of children and their communities to maintain their human security

Duration: May 2002 – December 2003     Budget: $1,007,475
Implementing Agency: UNICEF
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