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Inter-agency programme to nurture peace, security and decent work through local development in conflict areas of the Philippines (Bondoc Peninsula)

Duration: March 2010 – February 2013     Budget: $2,563,395.30

Implementing Agency: ILO, FAO

Economic and social empowerment of returned victims of trafficking in Thailand and the Philippines

Duration: April 2006 - May 2009     Budget: $1,977,116.39

Implementing Agency: ILO

Project Summary

Support for victims/witnesses of trafficking in human beings in the Philippines

                                                                       Duration: July 2005 – December 2007     Budget: $250,800

                                                                       Implementing Agency: UNODC

                                                                     Project Summary

Preventive action and early interventions against child abuse and exploitation in urban poor communities

Duration: June 2001 – February 2004     Budget: $214,747.20

Implementing Agency: UNICEF

Project Summary

Integrated community-based reproductive health/family planning project in the province of Capiz

Duration: September 2000 – September 2004     Budget: $480,587.29

Implementing Agency: UNFPA

Project Summary