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Healthy living and life skills education for HIV prevention in Vietnam

Duration: October 2003 – December 2005    Budget: $980,309.45

Implementing Agency: UNICEF

Project Summary

Prevention of trafficking in children and women at the community level in Cambodia and Vietnam

Duration: June 2003 – October 2006     Budget: $1,214,464.76

Implementing Agency: ILO

Project Summary


Supporting education, health and sanitation needs among local populations in Ky Son District

                                                                       Duration: January 2003 – December 2004     Budget: $308,227.50

                                                                       Implementing Agency: UNODC

                                                                     Project Summary


Support for youth at risk: House for youth

Duration: June 2002 – July 2004    Budget: $360,627.72

Implementing Agency: UN-HABITAT

Project Summary


Development of safety nets for health in Vietnam and Lao PDR

Duration: July 2001 June 2005     Budget: $378,245

Implementing Agency: WHO
Project Summary