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17 Mar 2012
CERF provides $6 million in response to drought, malnutrition and food security in Mali

14 March 2012: the 2011-2012 growing season in Mali has been devastated by a lack of rain, leading to a drop in agricultural productivity and reduced grazing sources for livestock, threatening the livelihoods of millions of small farmers and agro-pastoralists.

The national early warning system indicates that roughly 3.5 million people have become vulnerable. The current food and nutrition crisis affects one out of five Malians, with a possible peak expected during...

13 Mar 2012
Emergency Relief Coordinator’s key messages on the Sahel 13 March 2012 - Issue Number 2

Key Messages

  1. The situation in the Sahel region is severe, and millions of people are suffering from chronic food insecurity, high levels of malnutrition, and insecurity. The lean season is now beginning in some countries, and people have to cope until rains and the next harvest, several months away. While we cannot stop drought, we can work together to prevent hunger. It is vital that governments and the international community act now and fund essential...