Governance, Policy and Guidence

The South Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) is designed and governed in accordance with the CHF terms of reference (TOR), under the oversight and coordination of the Humanitarian Coordinator. The allocation process guideline also describes the detailed roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the fund.

Key actors in the governance mechanism
Humanitarian Coordinator: The Humanitarian Coordinator is responsible for the overall management of the CHF and provides strategic direction; mobilizes financial resources; defines the size and scope of each standard and reserve allocation; approves projects; authorizes disbursements; ensures resources are allocated in accordance with established procedures; and supervises the monitoring and evaluation of the humanitarian response.

CHF Advisory Board: The CHF Advisory Board provides guidance to the HC on management of the CHF and serves as a forum for discussing strategic issues. The Board consists of two UN agency representatives, representatives from the NGO Forum and the NGO Steering Committee, two contributing donor representatives and one non CHF contributing donor representative as an observer. OCHA and UNDP provide secretarial support to the Advisory Board.

CHF Technical Secretariat (joint OCHA and UNDP team): Under the supervision of the HC, the Technical Secretariat oversees the day-today operations of the CHF, including the programmatic and financial management of projects and oversight of the project management cycle. The UNDP component of the Technical Secretariat is known as the “Managing Agent” for its role in the financial and programmatic management of the NGO project cycle.

Cluster coordinators and co-coordinators: Cluster coordinators and co-coordinators lead each cluster and help ensure a transparent and strategic CHF allocation process. They establish priorities, convene Peer Review Teams including UN Agencies and NGO partners to recommend projects for funding and are responsible for defending cluster allocation strategies before the CHF Advisory Board. They support CHF monitoring and reporting by defining indicators and promoting common technical standards.

Multi-Partner Trust Fund: The UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office), based in New York, is the Administrative Agent of the CHF. It receives, administers and manages contributions from donors, and disburses funds to the participating organizations in accordance with the decisions of the HC. The MPTF Office prepares the annual consolidated financial report and regular financial statements for the CHF donors and other stakeholders.