Humanitarian Bulletins

26 Jan 2013
Humanitarian Bulletin Zimbabwe 01 - 31 December 2012


  • Food programme scaled up as peak of lean season sets in.

  • Army worm outbreak reported in four provinces.

  • High cases of mental illness among deportees cause for concern.

  • Rain-related incidents reported in parts of Zimbabwe.

30 Nov 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin Zimbabwe 01 - 30 November 2012


  • Coverage of food assistance programmes intensifies as lean season sets in.

  • Findings from survey to establish nutrition baseline released.

  • Kampala Convention to come into force.

  • Waterborne diseases remain a cause for concern.

18 Oct 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin Zimbabwe 01 – 30 September 2012


  • Food assistance programmes in direct response to the deteriorating food security situation have begun but face funding shortfalls.

  • Government has availed $2 million for animal feed and veterinary medicines, which will alleviate the impact of drought on livestock.

  • Typhoid, dysentery and diarrhea vex the country.

  • Rwandan refugees reluctant to return home despite cessation clause....

03 Oct 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin Zimbabwe: 01 – 30 August 2012


  • Food insecurity in 2012/13 is comparably worse than the last three years.

  • More than 1,000 refugees have received new identification documents.

  • Zimbabwe’s livestock situation is grave, with deaths due to starvation being reported in some provinces.

08 Sep 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin: Zimbabwe, 01 – 31 July 2012


  • Rural people in need of food assistance in the 2012/13 peak hunger season have increased by 60 per cent compared to 2011/12.

  • Two provinces are already in the crisis food insecurity phase.

  • Partners are concerned at the high number of child rape survivors reported in July.

  • Fresh typhoid outbreak erupts in Chitungwiza.

Zimbabwe’s Food Security Deteriorating

More than 1.6...