OCHA Reports

17 Aug 2011
Monthly Humanitarian Update - July 2011

Key Points

  • Shortfall for food assistance programmes balloons to $59 million shortfall threatens.

  • Partners remain prepared for mass deportation of Zimbabweans by South Africa.

  • 2011 CAP revised to $488 million and 29% funded halfway in the year.

21 Jul 2011
Zimbabwe Monthly Humanitarian Update - June 2011

Key Points

  • $43 million shortfall threatens food assistance programmes.

  • 4% cholera case fatality rate (CFR) cause for concern.

  • Partners prepare for mass deportation of Zimbabweans by South Africa.

  • 2011 CAP 34% funded halfway in the year.

14 Jul 2011
Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP): Mid-Year Review of the Appeal 2011 for Zimbabwe

The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe continues to be stable, but elements of fragility remain cause for concern in key sectors such as food security, health and nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene. A crop and livestock assessment report estimates that food production has slightly increased compared to the 2009/2010 season, with increases due to increased acreage planted and timely agricultural inputs and extension support...

21 Jun 2011
Monthly Humanitarian Update, May 2011

Key Points

Limited CAP funding curtails humanitarian programmes.

Food partners brace for the worst.

Policy changes by neighbouring countries create new immigration challenges.

Special edition and review of the CAP and related programmes at mid-year.

29 Apr 2011
Zimbabwe: Monthly Humanitarian Update - April 2011

Key Points

  • Food aid programme faces $20 million shortfall.

  • Malaria kills 140, while cases soar above 91,000.

  • 2011 CAP funding at 14.6%.

  • Spike in asylum seekers entering Zimbabwe through Nyamapanda border post.